I love church, I cant go a Sunday without church or my week shall be very messed up. I particularly love my church, not because of its great architecture, or the ample parking space or even the tea and mandazi served after first service(this one was a great idea though). I love my church for three things; the people, the pastor, the music. If i miss worship on Sunday, the service is a bit different for me.

Enough talk, this is a photography blog after all. On Sunday i took photos during the service(call it my form of worship), I’d like to share  that with you.

Welcome to a Sunday with the Front runners.

Church has to start with niceties, salaams nini nini.

The wannabe parents (practicing for the future are we?)

Mr Omosh, the man who scared a dead lion(pole Omosh, had to take a shot)

The people, the worshipers, deep people these ones

The worship team(good job on Sunday guys)

Yes, we are a tech church, macs and all

More of the worship team, did i say good job on Sunday, y’all had me rocking, bumping and all that

It gets hot as we get down so we do need some artificial cooling

Our crazy MC’s….my goodness. Robe and Terry

Our pastor, Pst Gibson popularly known as Pasi Gibbo(no, it wasn’t a ground-breaking ceremony) At least not physically. It was a virtual ground-break for our frontrunnerz youth center.

The man who has been to Garissa more than any of us, Herman

Finally, the equipment that is synonymous to Mr Katts, Nasara and the rest of the sound team. Kudos

That’s my church on Sunday, if you want, drop by sometime. We treat our visitors very well, what giving them juice, after service, tea and mandazi before 2nd service, i mean, seriously. ICC Mombasa road, Front Runnerz service, every sunday at 8.30am and 10.30am. Mombasa road, just after the Nyayo stadium


27 thoughts on “Frontrunnerz

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  2. Great job Muts,simply inspired! This was so emotional for me…..can’t explain it..Church was powerful this last Sunday…thanks for capturing it all….

  3. Kheeeeyyy!…you mean you know Gibu! (didn’t know he’s a pastor nowadays). Great guy! Msalimie tena sana…though he still thinks am a hooligan!
    Nice photos kama kawaida

  4. I so dig this place!… Where I saw many grow and now they are helping others grow… So miss y’all… Miss my church… Have you been getting my salaamz from Eric and Pasi Gibo?

  5. Wow good photos man warr and hey I’ve seen familiar faces…one of this fine days I’ll make a point of dropping by.

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