Lunch and a shot!

Hey people. I know the week already started but mine has just started so i really hope y’all had a superb weekend. Mine was great, but with its own misfortunes. Saturday was a day filled with joy and happiness for my family and few close friends, we shared a superb meal (of course i have the pictures) and a scary experience.A carjacking incident happened at the gates to our flats, actually it was inside, i cannot describe the experience with out a soundtrack and scary effects because that’s how it was.

Well the gun-totting vigilantes weren’t apprehended but the driver is safe and no one got hurt, much. The time for y’all that think i made a mistake by mentioning lunch, was around 4-5pm. Goes to show you that there is little you can do to control your environment and make yourself safe. I was encouraged by the fact that I believe in God and His ability to save me out of situations like that, and if He doesn’t?…well He is still supreme and doesn’t need to prove it.

It wasn’t all sad, hey there was food, the rest was just a small bump to our fun. The following pictures tell what happened between 9am-6pm Saturday.

The Residence

Practicing being the perfect host(one who’s everywhere at the same time)

The Food

After many finger licks, helpings and satisfied groans, we got here.

The kids; our friends brought along their adoring kids, one tech savvy young man and a very young diva.

All in all one of the coolest days i have had. Aondo’s, Makumi’s, Bwamites, Mutua’s. Thats wasap.


8 thoughts on “Lunch and a shot!

  1. Whaaar!!! Tell those car jackers they got nothing on yall!!
    Ok seriously, i hope ure ok! On that note, im telling your mother….

  2. I am impressed. What you have done on this site is outstanding.Boy, you are creative. Its worrying to know of the car jacking incident-poleni.
    Its a comfort to know that through it all, God was there!
    Well this a site to frequent so keep upgrading!

  3. Thanks guys for your comments. I shall be adding some new stuff soon. I got a bit cramped with work but keep coming back for more. And yes, no harm shall befall us, if you believe that the custodian of life itself is holding it in His hands

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