My daily’s

Its really been a while since i posted my daily shoots here. I think the last time i did was 6 assignments ago *shame, shame*. Well on the positive side, you have 6 new photos to look at right..:).

My #ds194. (Clocks are omnipresent in modern life. Make a photo of the clock, watch, or other device that you use most to tell time.)

My #ds195. (Look up today and make a photograph of the sky. Cloudy, clear, or somewhere in between? Tell the story of your sky today.)

My #ds197. (It’s Memorial Day in the U.S. Make a photo that symbolizes today and what it means to you.)

Since I am not from the U.S. (I am Kenyan) and we were celebrating Madaraka day(the day Kenya became a republic), the colors of our flag give me a sense of patriotism. Peace, Love and Unity as we claim back here.

My #ds198. (How do you get around: car, train, bicycle, plane, feet? Make a photo that represents your mode of transportation today.)

I walk a lot so I figured my legs would best depict this. At least i could lean forward and press the shutter button myself..:)

My #ds199. (Get down and get your knees dirty today. Find some plant life, get low to its level (close and wide), and make a photo.)

The first time I am doing flowers….

My #ds200. (Think of a favorite childhood sport, game, or activity. Make a nostalgic photo today. (@muffett68)

I wanted to multitask on this one(or at least make it seem like i was) so i decided that playing hide n seek with myself ain’t too bad an idea.
I simply took like 6 photos(actually i took a lot more, but picked 6) of myself and merged them in photoshop, simple.

And that brings us to the present. Have a lovely day today


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