Best of Purple shoot

I have been inspired by Ricardo Corbacho to do my list of favorites from the daily shoots. Its my way of showing appreciation for great talent and showcasing what photographers out there are doing (both pro’s and amateurs like me).

For the daily shoot assignments i have been doing the past 10 shots, this is assignment 190(#ds 190) and the colour of the day was purple. These are my favorite 10.  Please click on the images to see the images at the websites of the artists and show some love if you like them.

Cutting the Lawn

Riders on the storm

Catch of the day

Purple penmanship

One odd egg

50 Chevy

Heh… you won’t

Purple Columbine

Today’s color is……..

Spot of color

And that’s my top 10. What do you think about their photos?….you can tell them on their collection. I hope i shall be able to keep this up and share my favorite photos from each assignment.

My photo for this assignment was this one.

Enjoy the weekend yáll


7 thoughts on “Best of Purple shoot

  1. That’s just too tight. Purple ain’t my favourite but i think I could start out with a purple hunky. hehehe. But it’s dope. Royalty simplified

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