Last night I had a discussion with my wife on life and how it can easily pass you by. Man is ambitious and will always reach for the sky no matter what, and that is absolutely cool. Sometimes we have great dreams and ambitions and plans, well elaborated and laid out. Now every plan takes time to materialize, unless of course, its a 5 minute plan, so my question then is what happens in the now, as your plan gets to fruition?

If you believe in God and that He has a plan for you, then you have hope for that plan in the near future. If you don’t, I am sure you have other ways of convincing yourself to hope for that future. I believe that everything we do in the present adds up to what we achieve in the future and this makes me appreciate the present. Whatever promise I have of the future, worrying about it in the present doesn’t help you get there any faster, or even prepare you for that future. I believe though, that you can get your reason to wake you up exited for the day(s) till your plan comes to fruition.

This has helped me appreciate what I do in the present as i walk on to the inevitable future. Right now the most exiting thing for me, apart from marriage, is photography. I look at what people post on flickr and I am wowed, i want to do photos like those, and I know i shall. But i also know that right now I am not at that level, so I keep doing that which excites me, taking photos, and by doing this daily, then i get closer to being a pro in the future.

This excites me daily, gives me a smile in the morning. A reason to carry my camera with me everywhere I go.

Speaking of which, my daily shoot for yesterday and the day before are here for your viewing pleasure.

“Spicy” is my 8/100 shoot. The assignment was to focus the viewer on the subject while using as plain a background as possible.

Yesterdays shoot is untitled(i couldn’t find a title…help??) but the plan was to do a square ratio photo(1:1). I did 2 post processing looks. Which works for you?

Okay that’s it for today. May you find something exiting to wake you each day

7 thoughts on “Reason

  1. I like this line. . . . . “Whatever promise I have of the
    future, worrying about it in the
    present doesn ’t help you get
    there any faster, or even
    prepare you for that future.” <<< Best thing I've read in a while.

    Ps. 'Excites' and 'Exits' are two different words with different meanings. . . . :-)

    • Kbaab…..:-). Thanks for your corrections, damn you are keen, had to read again to notice those spelling mistakes. Thanks for reading and for your comments

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