Daily shoot……….(3)

So the weekend is over and I truly hope you enjoyed the sunshine as I did. Some of you may remember my ranting and raving on facebook about being forbidden to take photos of buildings in town(Nairobi). Well I discovered that the best day to do this would be on Sunday; no people, no stupid guards hassling you because they are afraid of their supervisors.

Anyway, so on this day I went to take photos of Timau plaza opposite YAYA center, the guard said I couldn’t so in utter dismay I left and as I did decided to take some shots of the typical Nairobi roads with matatus and cars taking advantage of the rain to splash pedestrians with drain water(damn I hate when that happens).

So regardless of the Timau escapade enjoy the daily shot in and out of color.

It’s a 1 image HDR tonemapped in photomatix and edited in Photoshop. There are a great number of plug-ins you can use in Photoshop to help your pictures have that pop. Here I used the ‘OnOne color tune-up’ plug-in for the color work but ‘curves’ in Photoshop work just fine.

This is a 80% de-saturated version of the same photo.


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