Daily Shoot……(2)..Traces of Nyayo

For my daily shoot yesterday(well actually, it was the task for the day before) i was supposed to shoot a monument/statue. We Kenyans all too well know the Nyayo monument in Uhuru park or ‘Central Park’ as it is called these days(we dont have to be New York to have Central Park you know), so anyway, yes i shot the monument to try and depict it as a work of art and not a symbol of tyranny.

I took one raw image and made an HDR on photomatix tonemapped and did the rest of the work on photoshop to merge it with an non-HDR image and also applied some curves.

I also decided, for fun to do a part black/white image

And thats it today. I am definitely no pro but i also hope this can help another starter like me practice.

(After reading this, its ok if you feel a certain wave of patriotism and sing the Kenya national anthem….ahem…if you still remember it)

View the high-res images on my Flickr page here .


4 thoughts on “Daily Shoot……(2)..Traces of Nyayo

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