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Photography by Thandiwe Muriu---12

Photography by Thandiwe Muriu

fashion 2_die_4_shoot d_01_by Mutua Matheka

Sun & Sand

fashion 2_die_4_shoot c_01_by Mutua Matheka

A Sunny Affair

fashion 2_die_4_shoot b_01_by Mutua Matheka

The beach, the dame & the boy

1_fashion 2_die_4_shoot a_05_by Mutua Matheka

Something beachy

thogi_9_oneTouch hells gate_mutua matheka

Thogi vs. The Gorge

1_thogi_2a_oneTouch hells gate_mutua matheka

Crouching Tiger Hidden Thogii

1_lukenya_5ba_Thogi_mutua matheka

Golden Tones


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